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What's Offered? 

The Academy with Lindsay Gail offers multiple solutions for Aesthetic Professionals, Aspiring Nurse Injectors & Potential MedSpa Owners! 

A Hybrid, step-by-step learning approach to building your own successful medspa business and becoming a skilled injector! 

This program is designed for our new nurses in mind! We know how hard it is to get your foot in the door in the aesthetics industry! This 12-week program will set you up for success and land you the perfect injecting job!

Looking to freshen up on your injectable skills? This is the option for you! We have everything from basic to advanced trainings available! 

Welcome To The Academy With Lindsay Gail

Hi there, my name is Lindsay Gail! 

Get ready to learn and grow your business, hone in on your skills, and gain confidence in aesthetics step by step with me! The Academy with Lindsay Gail is the perfect place for you! You will learn how to get organized, prepared, and most importantly become successful!  I am so excited to help you achieve your goals, dreams and help to keep you accountable! 


Together we are better. I am looking forward to your success and I am thankful that you are considering The Academy! 

Chin Filler Frisco, Tx Nurse Injector

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13225 Dallas Parkway suite 200, Frisco, TX, USA


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  • What Learning options do you offer for injectable training?
    We provide four options for hands-on skills training: Toxin, Filler, Lip Master Class, and PLLA. Each of these courses focuses on different techniques and skill sets needed for success in the injectable training industry.
  • Can I gain practical experience during my learning process?
    Absolutely! You can participate in an externship where you will shadow our master injector Lindsay Gail. During this externship, you will gain valuable insights into injection sites and dosing techniques, as well as have the opportunity to practice hands-on toxin training with observation.
  • Do you offer any online courses or resources?
    Yes, we have an online Academy that offers business coaching to help you build a successful practice in the injectable industry. Our comprehensive courses provide guidance on starting and growing your business, marketing strategies, and essential knowledge for launching a thriving injectable practice.
  • What is the cost?
    Injectable training options are all 6 hours. Toxin $2250 Filler $2499 Lip master class $2999 PLLA $2999 Externship $2499 The Academy is $1999 monthly for five months or pay in full for a discount rate of $8485
  • What is the difference between the Injectable Training program and the Business Track?
    The Injectable Training program focuses on teaching you the hands-on skills necessary to become proficient in administering injectable treatments, while the Business Coaching program concentrates on providing you with the knowledge and tools needed to start and run a successful injectable practice.
  • Is it mandatory to complete all 5 months of the academy?
    Yes, it is essential to complete all 5 months of the academy to ensure you are fully prepared to open and successfully run a business. The curriculum has been carefully designed to cover all aspects of operating your business, so completing the entire program will provide you with the knowledge and power to achieve your goals.
  • How much time will I need to dedicate to the academy?
    There are 10 modules, 1 is released every 2 weeks. Each module is 1 hour or less. However, to complete the task in each module will take you extra time. Some modules have more tasks than others. You would be most prepared if you set aside 5 hours a week to complete tasks.
  • Are you able to guarantee a position after completing?
    I am not able to guarantee that another business will hire you. However, you will have a professional letter of recommendation from Lindsay Gail stating that she has provided training of 120 hours. Getting a position as an aesthetic nurse or nurse practitioner is very competitive.
  • Are there refunds?
    No, all courses are nonrefundable.
  • Do you require a deposit to register for a course?
    All injectable courses will need to be paid in full before scheduling. The first month of the externship and academy need to be paid before beginning. If you fail to make a payment after the first payment, you will not have access to upcoming modules until the invoice is paid.
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