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Single Day Trainings

I believe we have been given a gift to help others to become the very best version of themselves! So congratulations on taking the next step to becoming the best injector for your patients.

What We Offer

Nurse Injector Medspa nurse Filler


Neurotoxin Training

Looking to perfect your Neurotoxin skills? This is the class for you! 


Basic Filler Training

Let's grasp the basics of filler and how we can utilize them to balance facial proportions better! In this class you will learn, Cheek Filler, Chin Filler, Jawline Filler.


Sculptra Training

Sculptra, the latest & greatest and what everyone's talking about! In this class we will cover Sculptra Face and Sculptra Body.


Lip Masterclass 

The class you all have been waiting for, and masterclass dedicated to all things lips! 

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