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Lindsay Gail 

Hey! Lindsay Gail here! I am so excited about The Academy with Lindsay Gail! I have a passion for helping other Nurse and Nurse Practitioners get into the Aesthetics industry. It is a hard one to crack into! With no experience as an injector you have 2 options...

1. Find a practice that is willing to train you, grow your book of business, fill you with clients, and trust that you will never leave them.

2. Start your own business as an injector.

From a business owners perspective it is risky to bring on a an injector with no experience, there is a very high probability they will leave after getting the experience and clients, trust me.. this was one of the hardest lessons I learned.

From a Nurses perspective, it is scary to start your own business. We are medical professionals, not entrepreneurs. Most of us are not equipped with the skills to run a business. Not to mention it is scary as anything to start injecting, after your training, and you are all alone! There is no one there to mentor you. No there to ask questions, solve problems, guide you, or support you!

That is why I put together this powerhouse coaching and training program to help fill this gap! 

The Academy with Lindsay Gail is a coaching program that is designed to not only train, coach, prepare, and educate you; but to create accountability so that you are compliant, completed, and most importantly automated!

To know me is to know that I am an open book, I love to share, I love to help, I love to support and I will always be your biggest cheerleader!

Join me! I promise it will be the best decision for your career!


Lindsay Gail

Linday Gail Nurse Injector

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Not sure where to start? Let me help you on this journey! 

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